2 December 2016


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Q: Why did you choose a destination wedding?
A : We saw a couple of weddings in Thailand online and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous tropical views. We have never travelled together before and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to do so and have an extended vacation that we could share with close family and friends! I'm also a wedding photographer myself so really loved the fact that I didn't have to plan so hard for my own wedding as the venue did most of the hard work.
Q: Why Royal Muang Samui Villas?
A : We did a lot of research online and contacted a few places but none even came close to the beauty of Royal Muang Samui Villas. A huge thing for us was also the fact that the staff could speak english. Communication is very important when organizing a wedding from a different country.
Q: How did your guests react to you choosing a destination wedding?
A : Everybody thought we were joking at first. Some of them seemed to panic a bit about the costs of attending but in the end everyone LOVED it so much!
Q: What is your favourite memory of the day?
A : My favourite memory is walking down the aisle and seeing my husband for the first time. I also loved sitting outside with our guests watching the thunder and the food was amazing too!
Q: What was the best thing about having a destination wedding?
A : Being able to explore a different country with friends and family. We all had so much fun exploring and made so many great memories.
Q: What theme or style did you base your wedding destinations on?
A : Since we were getting married in Thailand I didn't want any traditional western flowers like roses. I opted to have a mix of lotus flowers and orchids in shades of yellow, green and white, which are abundant in Thailand. I really wanted everything to reflect where we were and have a tropical feel to it.
Q: How did your wedding coordinator assist you?
A : Our coordinator, Aom, was absolutely fantastic! She helped organize absolutely everything and no task was too big or small for her - from letting us swop out our cooking class (we were too full to eat) for a romantic massage to finding us a Christian pastor and reorganizing our entire wedding setup when it started raining heavily! I really feel blessed that we got to have her to help make the process run smoothly. She absolutely went out of her way to help us with any and everything.
Q: What’s your best advice for a couple planning their own destination wedding?
A: Choose a venue that takes care of ALL the details (such as Royal Muang Samui) - the pastor, flowers, decor, wedding certificates, cake etc. I relieves all the stress from having to plan things from a different country and let's you focus simply on finding the perfect dress!