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Despite opting for a beach wedding, we offer a wide range of suitable venues for your wedding reception

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Despite opting for a beach wedding, we offer a wide range of suitable venues for your wedding reception. Whether it’s beachfront, banquet hall, al fresco or rooftop dining – we have the perfect venue for you!

Food & Drinks

It is our pleasure to accommodate the style of food and drink service you want to complement your beach wedding. Drinks are served throughout the day at your behest. We create the cocktails of your choice (frozen daiquiris are recommended for the hot weather) and for those who prefer to opt for a bar tab, we can notify you during the event when you are approaching your pre-set limit.

The variety of dining options available to you in endless! Smaller groups often prefer Thai set menus for everyone to share, while buffets and gourmet beach BBQ’s work well for larger parties. Dietary requirements, including allergies, organic local produce, halal meals, and gluten free, can be easily incorporated in to your menu.

Our resident pastry chefs can create anything your heart desires for your wedding cake, cupcake or macaron tower more your thing? No problem at all.


We only refer experienced, bonded and insured babysitters to assist you and your guests’ little ones to ensure you all have peace of mind to relax and enjoy your wedding. Please note, we require 24hs notice and there is an hourly charge for this service.

Rainy Weather

Koh Samui being a tropical island we are prepared for any outcome on your special day. Thai custom dictates rain on a wedding day will purify and cleanse your body and soul, the more rain, the purer the lovers enter into union; allowing your marriage the ultimate clean slate. Whilst we encourage you to embrace bad weather as locals do as a happy way to start your life together, we are also practical. Your ceremony and reception can moved inside at a moments notice, no trouble at all.