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Muang Samui Group’s CSR initiatives are contributing to the well-being of the Samui community.

We appreciate the opportunity that our commitment will be an additional value, highlighting the strength of the community by treating the environment, in which we all live in, as well as we possibly can.

The sustainability of our paradise home Ko Samui is in our hands.

Muang Samui Group’s CSR


16th January 2018 , Muang Samui Group

Samui Learning Centre Samui Learning Centre

Continuing our social activity in the new year of 2018, the representatives of the head of the departments of Muang Samui Group – Khun Adisorn Charoensuk Group Resort Manager, Khun Krittamate Arunsart Director of Sales and Marketing and Khun Norbert Eberling Group Guest Relations Manager re-visited the Samui Learning Centre for Special Needs on 16th January 2018.

This time one of our valued guest Joanne from United Kingdom, York has accompanied us to visit the children has also donated funds to enhance the everyday development of the children. Together with basket of healthy supplements from a German family has been transferred to the school to aid the children. In addition, Muang Samui Spa Resort and Royal Muang Samui Villas presented the overall fund collected throughout the month of October-December 2017.

Moreover after a delicious lunch prepared for the children – local style boiled chicken on rice and ham and cheese sandwich with vegetables - the hotel representatives and the children had a splendid time singing, dancing and painting.


6th of October 2017 , Muang Samui Group, Khun Adisorn - Group Resort Manager

Khun Fin - son and representative of our Managing Director together with many Head of Departments donated THB 10,000 in addition to the monthly aids supported by our generous guests on the event of “Tea Party of Love” together with other contributors managed to raise a very generous amount for the children and their teachers. We at Muang Samui Group are always trying our best to contribute with good causes and as part of 2017-2018 projects we are supporting, a school for children in special needs.

The Samui Learning Centre for Special Needs was established on 5th of March 2009, aiming to help children with special needs on the Island of Koh Samui and the surrounding areas. The project is dedicated to create a well maintained learning environment while developing the physical, mental and social abilities of each child. The Learning Centre has received its first donation of THB 250,000, with the goal to establish and build a permanent building structure, to provide consistent assistance for children and their families. Chairman Khun Dalin Ruang - Aison; was also one of the founding parents of the Centre. The school provides free education for the children as well as it is a completely nonprofit organization, where the teachers also receive their salaries only from the incoming donations. Currently the school building is completed; however the students and teachers are in need of learning equipment, furniture, everything what possibly can make their life a little easier.

As a part of this project we also invite our valued guests to contribute, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all the help we received in the past and will receive from future guests too.



The Muang Samui Spa Resort is proud to be part of the Koh Samui Check Dams project, in Honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 84th Birthday anniversary. Nowdays there are more than 20 ongoing dam constructions throughout Koh Samui and we are continuing to improve our environment and community in the future as well.

Muang Samui Group has been supporting Green Projects for years. One of those many projects is the construction of ecological dams through the different natural’s spring of our wonderful island. The construction of these dams will help to support the locals by retaining water through the years and make their daily life easier. The expedition would consist of friendly reunion composed from teams of volunteers, supporting each other during the construction of the dams. Surrounded by helping hands in the nature, these people have the opportunity to enjoy a true tropical journey and unfold the secrets of the local agriculture.


24th December 2016 , Muang Samui Group


As you surely know, Christmas is a time of family and get-togethers. A time for giving and sharing. In order to make this possible Muang Samui Spa Resort has decided to invite some of the local children in need and their parents, to celebrate this special moment together on 24th December 2016. Meanwhile Royal Muang Samui Villas also invited local children, together with their teachers, to participate in fun activities and provided a complimentary lunch for them on 26th December 2016.

Our dedicated team allowed them the chance to experience a wonderful dinner and will have the fabulous pleasure to surprise them with some presents (chosen from their wishing list) and thus make their secret dreams come true.

With regards to this, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. David & Leanne Hargreaves for the great contribution of THB 15,000 and also for the Pickering’s family for the equally generous THB 15,000 aid provided, as well as to many other guests who donated the gift for this group of student, giving and sharing through this charity project.

Your kind donation is indeed a concrete expression of your sympathy for the unfortunate ones.


15th January 2017 , Chaweng Beach


Mr. & Mrs. THANAPHATTEERANAN, Managing Directors of Muang Samui Group and led the staff to join the people of Ko Samui and in the “Welcome to Ko Samui 2017” clean-up day, which took place on 15th January 2017 at Chaweng Beach. The activity was hosted by Samui Municipality in collaboration with the Samui Travel Association and the Thai Hotel Association and helped to clean areas of Chaweng, Bo Phut and Mae Nam, which had been affected by the flooding and weather.